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Far East

Where to begin? The Far East is an otherworldly melting pot of cultures, scenery and holiday experiences. From the temples and shrines of Myanmar to the futurist cities of Japan and China, there’s so much adventure to choose from. With personalised holiday plan, I’ll help you see the very best of this magical part of the world.

Wherever you choose to visit, you’ll find strong traditions and proud culture mixed with religion and a warm welcome. Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia offer breathtaking scenery, great food and lots of opportunities to head outside your comfort zone. While Japan and China take you back and forward in time, blending ancient ways of life seamlessly with modern architecture and technology.


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Love seeing ‘different’? Tell me what you like – and dislike – and I’ll create your perfect holiday in the Far East, so all you have to do is arrive and enjoy:

  • Wonder at the Royal Palace and Reclining Buddha in Thailand
  • Enjoy a Cosmopolitan cocktail at the Long Bar of the famous Raffles hotel in Singapore
  • Eat the best sushi in the world in the fish markets of Japan
  • Cruise down China’s Yangtze River and take in the ‘big sky’ vistas
  • Revere the ancient temples in Cambodia, including the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat
  • Lie on some of the world’s greatest beaches as you island hop in the Gulf of Thailand
  • Walk around Beijing’s Forbidden City and see Xi’an’s mystical Terracotta Warriors
  • Pinch yourself as you witness Halong Bay in Vietnam, an official World Heritage Site
  • Feel like you’re on another planet as you walk around buzzing Hong Kong island
  • Get spiritual on a visit the ancient town of Bagan and the giant golden stupas of Myanmar

Whatever you want to get out of your Far East vacation, tell me about it or speak to me on 01625 836 540 and I’ll create your dream trip.

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The Far East really is an intoxicating blend of everything you’ve never seen before, and a lot of it is doable in one holiday – if you plan it right. Hop from Singapore to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Or see Japan and China back to back. It’s possible to see multiple cultures, sights and landscapes, for a smorgasbord of adventure, the common thread being the wonderful locals and great service.

Encounter dynasties that date back millennia, seek counsel from saffron-robed monks, and witness rituals, festivals and temples that offer a different way to live. Nowhere else on the planet is there the spiritual experience that the Far East offers. And if raw nature and tradition isn’t your thing, then the urban jungle offers just as much to enjoy in Tokyo, Beijing, and Hong Kong.

Tell me what you want to experience, or speak to me now on 01625 836 540 and I’ll create your perfect getaway in the Far East.


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If you’re looking for a truly unique stay in the Far East, I’m ready to make it happen:

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    First of all, we’ll have a quick chat so I can understand your likes, dislikes, passions and ambitions.
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    Then, I’ll create your tailor-made trip, designed just for you. Nothing is set in stone, so we can always change and tweak your trip to make sure it’s perfect.
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    Finally, it’s over to you – simply arrive and enjoy your personalised Far East experience.

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