Dubai Travel In Style

To summarise my visits, I first travelled there in 2000 and have been back 11 times. Sheikh Zayed Road the Abu Dhabi – Dubai link was complete and many buildings were starting to take shape. Dubai was creating a skyline like no other and their vision to attract tourism was impressive.

Almost unbelievable. There are so many parts to Dubai, Deira and Dubai Creek, Downtown Dubai, The Marina, Jumeirah Beach, Jebel Ali, The Desert, The World and the famous Palm. All very different and home to luxurious hotels and impressive architecture. People from all over the world would visit and reside there and enjoy the lush lifestyle available.

Villas and apartments bought, businesses would open- Dubai is now on the map and a huge competitor in all sorts of industries. Dubai is now a great hub for the rest of the world only 7 hours from the UK and operating from regional airports in the UK. Emirates offer a superb product and has the biggest passenger aircraft in the world. The A380.

My favorite property is the One & Only Royal Mirage, made up of 3 hotels (Palace, Arabian Court, and Residence) all excellent and positioned right on Jumeirah beach next to the marina and entrance to the Palm, lots of dining options and bursting with that Arabic flavors and décor. Also, great value for money especially when they offer complimentary half board. The sister hotel the One & Only the Palm just across the water which can be regarded as the best hotel in Dubai, modern with an Arabian twist and much smaller and sophisticated, designed to accommodate those who do not wish to entertain the busy life of Dubai or have been before.


The Burj Al Arab probably the most famous hotel in Dubai, designed like a sail and is known for its elaborate décor, this hotel is Dubai’s vision in one place ( 7*) like nothing else, however, it is not for everybody. If you like to be pampered an experience that lush lifestyle in just a few days and looking for something to remember then this is for you.

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel looks like a wave with views of the Burj Al Arab, one of the first hotels to be built-in Dubai, very busy and family orientated. The Madinat Jumeirah hold 3 hotels is also unusual, quite romantic actually, built like a village set around waterways and has large modern souk. You also have fun large hotels like the Atlantis the Palm set right out at the end of the Palm, plenty going on here. Aqua venture the most thrilling water park in Dubai and you can swim with the dolphins, fun packed holiday with great accommodation, perfect for families. Shopping is excellent, take in the local souks and be tempted by the gold, silver and Arabic spices.

Enjoy the Bateaux Dubai and cruise along Dubai Creek, visit the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa at 828m, watch the fountains dance from downtown Dubai, afternoon tea at the iconic Burj Al Arab, ride out to the desert and be driven across the sand dunes in your 4×4, have dinner under the stars at the local camp and watch a belly dancer perform, take a camel ride or sand ski the huge dunes yourself. Endless options this is just a few to mention.

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