Reubens Retreat Charity Event WOW WOW WOW!

On Friday the 14th September I took part in hosting an evening in order to raise money for Reubens Retreat.

The total amount raised was in excess of £ 5600.00.  The money raised will help complete stage 3 of their 10 stage plan

Thank you to everybody whom made our evening a success, special mention to those below:

  • Red Rock Fault Band entertained us
  • Chapeau Café catered us all with Sausage, Mash & Gravy
  • Broken Cross Club held the venue
  • Masterprint was the people behind the invitations
  • Chocolate Box in Prestbury provided us with Dessert (cupcakes)

Reubens Retreat is a charity close to the Travel Counsellors family in which we take pride in supporting as much as possible.

Should you wish to donate then please do visit their website

Thank you to everybody whom made our evening a success and congratulations to all the winners.

Sonia x