Winter Sking in Style

Skiing is one of the most enjoyable sports I have ever done, not only do you have the challenge of mastering the sport, it’s when you conquer the parallel ski, how to stop and turn around and go backwards without even knowing how you did that!! Honestly the satisfaction you get especially when you have skied from the top of the mountain to the bottom and made it in one piece WITHOUT FALLING is unbelievable. “The race is on.”

The view from the chairlift is incredible and once you’re at the top, stop and take a breath, pose for a picture, it’s surprisingly hot even though you are stood on metres of snow. The blue skies, happy faces and most importantly that glass (bottle) of wine or hot chocolate you get to have at the end of the day.

Skiing is not hard work, it’s one of the most fun filled holidays I have ever been on and would recommend it to anybody looking for something new to master and have plenty of laughs.

I can help with your next venture and having started from the beginning and now can ski “ok” I can relate to what you want. NOW is the time to be booking you next holiday on the slopes.

France, Austria and Canada are my favourite places to visit for this sport, endless hotels, lodges and chalets to choose from and plenty of slopes catering to all standards. Skiing can be for a family, children can ski from as young a 3-4 ideally or a bunch of friends looking for fun weekend away from the norm.

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